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This short film shows real starry starry nights of GEMINI OBSERVATORY. You can sit on the planetarium and travel to southern hemisphere.

Look for Milky Way galaxy, Andromeda galaxy, large/small Magellanic cloud, meteors, zodiacal light, airglow, Gegenschein, Earth's shadow, and etc!

- Producer & photographer

: Kwon O Chul

- Running time

: approx. 3 minutes

- Resolution

: 8K / 4K

- Frame rate

: 30 fps

- Sound

: stereo

- Year of production

: 2019

Full night time-lapse


KWON O CHUL, kwon572@gmail.com

Behind the scenes

    airglow - faint reddish lights
    large Magellanic cloud
    small Magellanic cloud
    Milky Way galaxy
    Coalsack Dark Nebula
    Carina Nebula
    zodiacal light

    large Magellanic cloud
    small Magellanic cloud
    Pleiades star cluster (M45)
    Andromeda galaxy (M31)
    Milky Way galaxy

    Earth's shadow (blue color), the pink color is Venus's belt